This page is dedicated to the Revival of the Mazda Rotary Engine... i#SaveTheRotary!

Mazda has been developing the Rotary Engine for nearly 50 years. Mazda's first prototype Wankel was the 40A in 1961, through the 16x "long stroke" prototype of today, the engine has been the heart and soul of Mazda.

Sadly, with the announcement of the exit of the RX-8 from the market, Mazda also seems to be set to stop research in future Rotaries.

Now is the time to do something about it, let Mazda know via Twitter, Facebook and this site about your thoughts!

What else can we do?

Start here, at the Save The Rotary web site.  Contribute your feelings on the car or the rotary engine, or enter in a good story that captures the purpose of our cause. 

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